Vendex Cover

Bath, with plaster - Vendex plaster cover


Unique and effective water and bath protection, for your plaser, bandage and pad.

It can happen for all of us. We break a leg, an arm, a wrist or a finger. There is no way around. The plaster is waiting – and if not, the bandage or the pad is. It is annoying in itself. It could also ruin your childres vacation,swim training and the trip to the beach or swimming pool. Not to mention the daily hygiene. Finally! there is a simple and cheap solution.

Finally, a 100% water tight solution.

Finally a plaster cover, which completely protects the plaster against water. Vendex cover can handle even from the worst rain, to the wildest water slides.

Nature rubber and the principle of easyness.

The cover is made of 100% nature rubber. Easy to wear. After that, you can easily, or your children, jump into the pool, the ocean, or the shower.


Swimming with plaster

Vacation was saved

Shower with plaster